2012 - The Year of the Dog

by Dogs Got A Bone

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These 12 songs were included in the Dogs Got a Bone 2012 listeners poll top 20.
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released January 12, 2013

A huge thanks to all the bands and labels for their help in putting this album together so quickly. Six days from idea to release to be precise!



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Dogs Got A Bone Edinburgh, UK

Dogs Got A Bone is a record label based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We have released music by Frantic Chant, Epsilon One, Jimmy Miller, Wonderful World of Disnae and Electric Alice.
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Track Name: Helicon - The Dabbler
You lie, you cheat, you’re broken, you’re beat
A liar on his knees, you had the world at your feet
You sweat, you shake, you lie, wide awake
In your self-pity prison, the doubts have arisen
You’re fucked, you’re drugged, you burn and you’re scum
It takes a sleight of hand you can no longer turn
You try, to sleep, you cower, you’re weak
A shit-bag’s cries, fall on deaf ears, this is the fuckin’ sum of all your fears

Dark bags, hide eyes, once bluer, than sky
Every time your mouth opens you know it’s more fuckin lies
Write off, you’re broke, inhale a deep, long toke
Stare blank, exhale, you’re programmed to fail
Isolation’s your friend, self-destruction your end
You’ve changed, they said, are they fucking with your head?
Fat hypocrites sneer, living lies, behind middle-class fronts
You’re fucked, you’re a drunk, you low life, you cunt

Collateral damage, your indifference; savage
Insults that once held weight, no longer worth the debate
You’ll hide, you’ll run, a ghost’s shadow in the sun
If they listen, you’ll boast, but your comeuppance is in the fuckin post
An image, created, to massage an ego, inflated
Your shit drugs; diluted, poisonous as the air you polluted
Your heart, it pounds, it bursts, through your chest
You’re mental, you said, but the fuckin’ truth son; you’re a dabbler, at best